roland d-20 industrial space

Some random bits of information about me


  • Location: Latvia, EU
  • Age: 30+
  • I play: piano and all kinds of keyboards, various exotic instruments, electronic signal sources, trash percussion or anything that makes a sound when interacted with.
  • Education: electronics engineer
  • Technical background and foreground professionaly: Microwave modem DSP R&D head, developing analog VCO, VCF, VCA and synth modules for Erica Synths*
  • Food preferences: Generally anything that does not run away. Yet it should not be too spicy, smelly or too raw.
  • Food dislikes: sushi, blue cheese, chili
  • Favourite cuisine: Italian and czech.
  • Musicians and composers I find awesome and inspiring: Yoko Kanno, Michael Kamen, Zigmārs Liepiņš, Hisaishi Joe, Danny Elfman, Alan Silvestri, Hans Zimmer, Christopher Young, Henry Mancini, Randy Edelman
  • Religion and philosopy: Logic, science, absurdism and the Flying Spaghetti Monster*
  • My heroes living: Ikutaru Kakehashi
  • Heroes RIP: Tsutomu Katoh, Keith Barr and Oskar Sala
  • I believe in: existence of evil overlords, and a happy polygyny
  • I don't believe in: existence of quality software

Soviet ТДС-3 headphones d-tech

  • I can't stand: the autopan effect, as well as blue and white LEDs on equipment
  • I also despise: general purpose computer (pc/apple) based DAW, as well as VST and VSTi
  • Synth, fx and tool preferences: Erica Synths*, Roland/Boss, Korg, Eventide, Alesis, Kawai, Novation, Digitech, TC-Helicon, Viscount, Soundcraft, Jinjiang Shengle
  • Synth&fx dislike: Access, Nord, Elektron
  • First headphones: ТДС-3 (<-- as seen in the picture on left)
  • Preferred headphones and studio monitors: AKG K-240 and K-271; Yamaha HS-8
  • Favourite acoustic piano: Estonia* for it's soft, mellow and dark timbre and touch.
  • Synthesizers I want to get someday: Mixtur Trautonium and a pink otamatone deluxe
  • Drink preferences: A variety of strong black tea, rooibos, as well as milk
  • First synthesizer: pink Юность-70*, untunable Pille* and then Casio PT-12
  • First programmable computing devices: Электроника МК-56* and then ZX Spectrum
  • First PC-compatible computer: Tandy 1000SX with CGA, expanded 384kBytes of RAM and two awesome 360kb 5.25" drives that each preferred their own diskettes
  • Favourite microphones: Shure KSM-44, AKG C480+CK69 shotgun and AKG C451B/ST
  • First microphone: loathsome Октава МД-201, 52, 64, and a builtin one inside Легенда-404*
  • Electronic circuit simulation tool of choice: LT-Spice*
  • First apple: Apple II plus
  • Hard lessons learnt (the ones I remember well): On some PC-XT/AT ISA slot connectors, shorting data bus D2 and -12V supply is easy even with a toothpick - instant destruction.
  • Most favorite music tracker: Impulse Tracker* by genius Jeffrey Lim. Absolute favorite since late 90-ties. From time to time still feel compelled to boot up dos pc for some great fun.

I use my own custom software and hardware tools for audio mastering, effects processing, analysis, synthesis and resynthesis.

I am a synth and DSP zealot, and a professional electronics digital radio communication equipment engineer and software developer. As much as a spare time will allow me, I will try to share my knowledge in these fields by writing articles and posting them here on my website.

Although it's a rare occasion, I sometimes do attend events to give live performance, playing mainly on various midi gear. Back in the days, I played alongside with a vinyl dj. I always create some new, conceptually tied, special track for every event I attend.