Here you can download various tracks in lossy compressed as well as uncompressed form, as well as some audio samples and tiny software utilities. There are also some supplementary materials (software, audio, video and PDF files) for my students, however those are mainly written in Latvian.


korg triton


    • ЛЕЛЬ ПСР (Lel' PSR) samples, extracted from waveroms | WAVs in ZIP
    • ЛЕЛЬ DR-8 (Lel' DR-8) samples, extracted from waveroms | WAV uncut
    • ЛЕЛЬ ПСР (Lel' PSR) + ЛЕЛЬ DR-8 (Lel' DR-8) Korg microSAMPLER bank | MicroSAMPLER
    • Yamaha PSR-260/160 ultra-garish goodness "DJ!" samples, extracted from waverom | WAVs in ZIP
viscount HP-3 manual


    • Viscount Voice Systems HP-3 vocal harmonizer user's manual | JPGs in ZIP
wave editing

Studentiem: (for my students, in Latvian)

janis kokins ETP RTK

ElektroTehnikas Pamati - Jānis Kokins: (in Latvian)

fir DIY

Techy stuff for DIY things: