Music and voice in films and animation

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My productions are 100% copyright clean. This means I only use my own or fully licenced samples or true analog synthesizers. I use only hardware instruments and no software samplers, no effects plugins and no software sythesizers (except my own), ruling out any copyright infrigement regarding tools as well.

For composing music for games or demos on oldschool game consoles and computers, I have a wide variety of platforms (with their respective sound hardware) available for running a tracker or instant in-loop testing, including Commodore C-64, SX-64 and Plus/4 (providing both 6581 and 8580 SID-s as well as TED), Atari ST and STE (4MB ram with dualboot TOS 1.62 & 2.06; YM2149+DMAPCM), ZX Spectrum(s) (with YM2149/AY8910/AY8912), Tandy 1000SX (SN76489/SN76496), Sega MasterSystem (odd version 1 with 315-5237 IO and 315-5246 VDP) and MegaDrive/Genesis (with original YM2612, it's clone - SE-95 and Megadrive-2 integrated 315-5660), authentic EMU-8000 & ASP on AWE32 with custom dos tracking tools, wide variety of soundcards (with OPL2, OPL3 and clones), including legendary demoscening Gravis Ultrasound etc.

Films, Animation & Games

Game screenshot: Australian Trip

Australian Trip

Genre: Adventure-Actrion-Puzzle game
Year: 2017
Developer: SergioPoverony

Australian aboriginal beats and instruments meet futuristic textures and sounds!
All tracks feature a truckload of sweet vintage and physical modeling synths, mixed in noisy and gritty analog.

Game available on Steam
Soundtrack available on Steam
Company website

Movie screenshot: "To Fly a Kite"

To Fly a Kite

Genre: Animation, Drama
Year: 2016
Running time: 8 min
Written, animated and directed by Farida Ismailova and Aida Ismailova

For this amazing visual masterpiece I wrote a luxurious acoustic score on grand piano and harp with a tad of electronic spices.

Currently this one can only be seen, heard and experienced in film festivals, stay tuned!

Movie screenshot: A Girl's Soul

A Girl's Soul

Genre: Thriller
Year: 2011
Running time: 9 min

Producer: Otto Andersson
Director: Inese Verina
Camera: Anders Djupsjöbacka
Starring: Malin Olkkola and Joose Mikkonen
Country of production: Finland

It is a short film about a girl, who is hitchhiking on the lonely road in Ostrobotnia and gets into a trouble. Yet it's hard to decide which one is the "bad guy".

Watch trailer on Vimeo

Movie screenshot: Breakfast


Genre: Short film
Year: 2008
Running time: 2 min

Script: Kristians Mednis
Director: Inese Verina
Special Effects: Davis Lieknins & Martins Upitis

Music matches the surreal mood of the movie and is a glitchful yet harmonic mixture of acoustic and synthetic instruments.

Watch this video on Vimeo

Mystery of the Black Rock

Тайна Черной горы
(The Mystery of the Black Rock)

Genre: Adventure game
Year: Scheduled for the mid of 2018
Production company: Mult-Art
Country of production: Russia

You'll have to solve countless puzzles and riddles to find out why and who is behind a ruthless kidnapping of a girl! It will be available on STEAM and early version already had it's test run giving great reviews.  Check out single screen playable promo teaser to hear what ambient music and magical atmosphere I did there. Arcade machine there is playable as well! It's currently only in russian, yet it is definitely worth clicking - things are rather self explanatory.
The game, though, will be available in many languages.

Check out online PROMO TEASER (HTML5) and company website

Movie screenshot: Animation COMING SOON!

Coming Soon!

Genre: Animation
Year: 2017
Written, animated and directed by Farida Ismailova and Aida Ismailova

Not much info here yet!
Did an electronic downtempo / triphop for this one.

Movie screenshot: One day in Latvia

One day in Latvia. 20 years on.

Genre: Documentary
Year: 2008
Running time: 53 min

Producer: Viesturs Koziols
Director: Inese Vēriņa

The contemporary orchestra+electronica score has many underlying concepts, that are matched to the pace of the movie itself. For example, the main theme is built around a concept of ticking clock and represents the unstoppable time flow. Instrument palette is rather wide, ranging from several custom pianos, massive orchestra, acoustic guitar to electronic percussion and bass.

Watch trailer on YouTube

Movie screenshot: Gold Digger 2

Gold Digger 2

Genre: Animation
Year: 2010
Running time: 3:30

Director: Inese Verina
Story and animation: Inese Verina

Stereotypical blond girl making her way to get married with a powerful and rich man. From the Dictionary of the Sexual Terms, "gold digger" or "gold miner" is a young woman seeking or attaching herself to a rich and/or powerful older man who will support her.

Music is fusion of all the nice stuff we had in 80'ties and early 90'ties video game consoles. As animation is more of a MegaDrive VDP look (as opposed to NES-style of the first Gold Digger), I made sounds and "BGM" of that flavor as well. While sound effects are kept within YM2612+PSG boundaries, musical instrument sounds are synthesized from very different worlds, including FM (using a Yamaha TX81Z [OPZ YM2414] and FB01 [
OPP YM2164]), PSG (noise hihat and squares... a lot of squares!), multiple 2A03 DPCM (for percussion), some substractive and additive synthesizers.

Watch this video on Vimeo

Movie screenshot: Gold Digger

Gold Digger

Genre: Animation
Year: 2007
Running time: 2 min

Director: Inese Verina
Story and character design: Inese Verina
Custom software for playground compositing: me
Animation: Inese Verina

This animation is actually composed of pixel-by-pixel drawn tiles and composited using a true old console game style tile map tools. Music and effects are also in full spirit of the oldschool computing world: composed entirely on tracker, with the sound generator limits matching those of YM2149 / AY8912 combined with NES 2A03 (triangle for bass, DMA 1bit DPCM percussion), yet with slightly more square channels. Along with a graphics compositing tool, I made an encoder and playback emulation of NES DMA DPCM with preemphasis/deemphasis, so that drums sound authentic.

Watch this video on YouTube; Older upload seems unavailable, here's another

Movie screenshot: Kylmän Syli (Cold Embrace)

Kylmän Syli (Cold Embrace)

Genre: Catastrophe, Science Fiction, Drama
Year: 2012
Running time: 29 min

Production: Inese Vēriņa, Otto Andersson
Director: Otto Andersson
Camera: Johan Stolpe
Country of production: Finland

I did the on-location sound recording for this film. Here's the synopsis:
A young man and woman wander in a post-apocalyptic world. The man, haunted by his past, is running away from his fate, while the woman continues on, in hope of a future, to respect her fathers wish.

Watch trailer on Vimeo
More information on ReelPort

Movie screenshot: Elfu dejas (Der Tanz Der Elfin)

Elfu dejas (Der Tanz Der Elfin)

Genre: Documentary (with a lot of animation)
Year: 2009
Running time: 27 min

Producer: ZDF/3sat (Germany)
Director: Aija Bley

For this movie I did sound editing as well as ambiance and foley effects.

More information in IMDB and RegardFilm (in German)

Movie screenshot

The house with a woman

Genre: Drama
Year: 2009
Running time: 13 min

Director: Agnese Laizāne
Producer: Baltic Film and Media School
Country of production: Estonia

This is a temporary placeholder text, that can also be considered to be a general blah blah blah. QuiRk brownOut fox jumpEd over a lazy watchDog.

Movie screenshot: Kata's Collection

Kata's Collection

Country of Production: Finland
Director, camera, editing: Inese Vēriņa
Assistant: Richard Björklund
Production Support: Bo Forsander, Joakim Finholm /Novia University of Applied Sciences/
Year: 2010
Running time: 5 min

This short film has a dreamy mood, so I composed a new age piano + pads part to match it.

Watch this short film on Vimeo

Movie screenshot: Bezfilma (Blackout)

Bezfilma (Blackout)

Genre: Animation
Year: 2010
Running time: 2 min

Director: Klāra Grundšteine
Story and animation: Klāra Grundšteine

For this nice pencil drawn animation I provided music, foley and adr. Sound editing was done by the director herself. The music is of a typical irritating pop club style.

Watch this short film on Vimeo

Movie screenshot: Mammu dzīve (Lives of Moms)

Mammu dzīve

Genre: Documentary
Year: 2011
Running time: 30 min

Production: White Cat ltd.
Director: Inese Verina

Documentary “Lives of Moms” is a story about seven latvian women, all of whom are mothers. Film tells the story about their daily life in a poetic manner, while moms share their thoughts on how it is to be a mother.

Watch trailer on Vimeo

Movie screenshot: Soup


Genre: Dual screen video installation
Year: 2010
Running time: 3:30

Director: Inese Verina
Producer: Daiga Livčāne
Camera: Pēteris Sudakovs
Focus puller: Artūrs Šlosbergs
Make Up artist: Maija Gundare
Costumes: Evija Džonsone, Dita Maļinovska
Main Cast: Viola Karule, Kaspars Aniņš

Movie screenshot: Space Poodle

Space Poodle

Genre: Animation
Year: 2009
Running time: 2 min

Director: Inese Verina
Story and animation: Inese Verina

I have to confess about the music that this short film has. A really shameful confession.
When this short film went into production, I did a simple temporary track for it as a tempo reference for the animation. It is somewhere around what I had in mind for it, but in a rough sketch quality. However, everybody found it to be nice and fitting as weird as it was. So, due to everybody liking it as it is, lack of free time (the usual lame excuse) and me being lazy as hell (now one that is sincere), this finished short film actually features the same first temporary tempo reference track. Enjoy this weird clip and may the force of 8 bits be with you! :)

Watch this video on Vimeo

Movie screenshot: Stopija neparastie piedzīvojumi

Stopija neparastie piedzīvojumi

Genre: Animation
Year: 2012
Running time: 20 min

Director: Ieva Balode

Street photo Staro Riga festival 2012

Staro Rīga 2012 festival

Genre: Large scale street projection audio&video installation
Year: 2012

There was an 18 minute musical piece (a loop) synchronised with clockwork visuals, projected on government building.
A variety of mechanical percussive clockwork sounds, combined with an ever changing pad textures and a bit of orchestra and piano.

The Saeima participated in the light festival Staro Rīga (Shining Riga) with an audio-visual history of the fundamental values enshrined in the Constitution adopted 90 years ago.
The Saeima is the parliament of the Republic of Latvia.

Concept and great video animation by Inese Verina

Larger photo
More information about Staro Rīga festival
More information about it the Saeima site

Movie screenshot: Latvijas Literatūras Gada Balva

Latvijas Literatūras Gada Balva

Genre: Animation and short documentaries for an awards ceremony
Year: 2013

Soft electronic+orchestral music.

Watch some of the videos on Youtube

Movie screenshot: Rīga-2041


Genre: Sci-fi
Year: 2015
Running time: 35 min

Producer: Viesturs Graždanovičs, studija URGA
Directors: Didzis Eglītis, Kārlis Vītols, Triin Ruumet, Adina Istrate
Starring: Kaspars Aniņš, Romāns Bargais, Loreta Ezeriņa, Sandra Kļaviņa, Inga Tropa, Iveta Pole, Olafs Štrodahs, Georgijs Surkovs, Egons Dombrovskis, Sandis Pēcis, Dainis Gaidelis, Jānis Jarāns, Dainis Sumišķis, Jurijs Djakonovs
Country of production: Latvia

For this film I composed music for the dance sequence. It's a romantic fusion of acoustic new age and electronica, featuring a careful blend of vintage and futuristic sounds.

The film is shot in stereoscopic 3D with animator and artist Karlis Vitols, short film director Peteris Rozitis, actor and director Didzis Eglītis, and Romanian director Adina Istrate. Riga-2041 is a science fiction film, composed of several stories and inspired by the stylistics of the sci-fi genre of the 1950's.

Article in FilmNewEurope and Article about premiere and BNN News article



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Live events (some of them)

Erica Synths Garage 8

One of us

Date: 2017/11/17

Techno with live modular madness together with Marta SmiLga.

Photo not yet there

Links to be added as well
(some info 1)

Erica Synths Garage 2017 halloween

Erica Synths Garage - halloween

Date: 2017/10/31

Halloween electro in sci-fi movie vibe - featuring a theremin!

Photo grab from live stream

(Livestream on Facebook), for better quality (watch on Youtube)

Skaņu Mežs 2017

Skaņu Mežs 2017 afterparty

Date: October 13, 2017

Live electronica, performing together with Marta SmiLga on Erica Synths modular.

Photo by Marks Maksimovs

(some info 1)
(some info 2)

Erica Synths Garage 8

Erica Synths Garage

Date: 2017/08/09

Live pure sophisticated electronica!

Photo grab from live stream

(Livestream on Facebook, wind to around 01:14:00), for better quality (watch on Youtube)

Klubs Autentika


Date: 2017

Live, performing together with Marta SmiLga.

Photo by Andrejs Grocs

(some info)

Erica Synths Garage


Date: 2016

Live, performing together with Marta SmiLga.

Photo not yet found

(No link yet)

Skaņu Mežs afterparty 2016

Skaņu Mežs 2016 afterparty

Date: October 14, 2016

Live, performing together with Marta SmiLga.

Photo by Linda Ansone

(some info 1)
(some info 2)

Jāņa Akuratera Muzejs

Jāņa Akuratera Muzejs

Date: 14. maijs 2011
Date: 13.janv 2012
Date: 19.maijs 2012
Date: 18.maijs 2013

Muzicējam atsevišķi un arī kopā ar Juri Kulakovu. Muzikalizēju Jāņa Akuratera stāstus "Aglaija", "Šērās", "Bēglis", "Trakais Mednieks" u.c. Arī šogad (2013) Muzeju Naktī būšu burvīgajā Jāņa Akuratera Muzejā - laipni lūgti!

Vairāk informācijas par Akuratera Muzeju un pasākumiem

LMA karnevāls

LMA Karnevāls "Laika Mašīna 1989"

Date: Feb 22 2008

The event, besides being a rather messy and disorganized happening, was somewhat legendary due to the year and historical events it reflected, as well as the lineup. Perhaps it was one of the best of these annual carnivals ever! Stellar video performance for my segment was done by Inese Verina*.

Photos from the event; specifically this one and this one

Klubs METRO, 2000.gads

Klubs Metro

Date: 2000...

Recently discovered photo from a techno event in the year 2000!

Photo was discovered and scanned by Raimonds Mežaks


Music, voice and/or sound for commercials

Commercial screenshot

OCTA polise

This is a temporary placeholder text, that I should soon replace with some useful notes. Commercials.


 You can also find snippets of my music in Android and iOS apps, such as Jabra Sport Life.